Massoorie and the Himalayan Vally!

The Days we spent in Massoorie were very cool and thrilling! Roads were curvey and steep. We enjoyed it so much! Here is a trip down memory lane…
I’ve learned that The Deodar or Himalayan cedar are the most beautiful trees. This place is 9500 Ft. above sea level.
Don’t You Agree?
And now?
I am sure you wan’t to know… how to visit this place?
My Digital Camera works beautifuly in my hads!
Tree… o tree..!
Okay Dear! let’s call it a day!
The Morning Dew! at ‘Comapny Garden’
And the Garhwali flower girl!
Hey she got a man also!
You know what… it rained!
This Ropeway took us to ‘Gun Hill’ @ 8000 Ft
The clouds and the fog and the forest!
The City of Massoorie from the top.
Say Cheese!!!
Say Pizza!!!
And the roads which took us here!
Nah! this is not the same road!!
So it was cold
And rainy!
And we were rady!
To Make
Titanic – 2 !!!
The way is blocked and you have to pay the toll!
The ‘Kempty Fall’ was a beautiful place!
And came another set ropeways!
She was not afraid! of course not!
The vally of Garhwal : up close and personal!
Of course…
Hum tum… ek jungle se gujre… aur sher aa jaaye…! (A hindi song: what if we pass through a forest and come across a tiger?)
Who cares…! LOL!
And it was not just another day!

2 thoughts on “Massoorie and the Himalayan Vally!

  1. you guys are just too cute, the gondolas and the mountains again just like some of the old pictures I have of riding in the gondola through the Bavarian Alps

  2. Very nice pictures!! Looks as if both of you are having a great trip!!!

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