On our way back we stopped at Haridwar for some spiritual blessings!!! (no comments on this please!)
This grand statue of Lord Shiva greeted us in the city of gods. Haridwar: Hari means god and dwar means gate. The gate to god is called Haridwar. Here onwards, the official Himalayan range starts. We skipped it on our way up.
A view of the city from Manasa Devi, A temple on a hill in Haridwar. All the water is the river Ganges : The Holy Ganga.
The Ganga Aarti: The daily worship of the river Ganga, the river which will free you of all your sins and will guide you to the salvation. This is the prime event of this place. Will post a video of this soon!
It was crowded and the Mantras are coming from everywhere!
Small lamps were sent to the river and water is taken home! We are supposed to take the water to ‘Rameshwaram’ which is 2500 KM down south from here. One day, we need to finish this task in our life. ‘Rameshwaram’ is a temple of lord Shiva.
The water of Ganga is so sacred that, in India when a person dies, the last thing that goes in his/her mouth is supposed to be the water of Ganga or ‘Gangajal’.
We stayed at ‘Shanti Kunj’: The home of peace! In the next morning, it was all sacred Mantras were floating in the air!
And we bid our good bye!
Metro Trains of Delhi are really a mark of India’s growing economy! They are great!
The guy in the background shouted at us for clicking pictures. This is the worst thing that I hate about places. Hey! Whats wrong with clicking photographs? It’s okay all over the world!
And for the return, we took the arial route! It was Priyanka’s first flight and she was so thrilled and nervous! LOL!
Was that guy behind me looking at my camera or my pretty wife? LOL!
We reached Indore at 9:00 PM and our parents were there to recieve us. It was all seems like a dream and the life is calling us for more!
That is all from the Wedding Guy, reporting an Indian marriage! Enjoy friends!

3 thoughts on “Haridwar-Delhi-Indore

  1. Very nice pictures!! You could tell in Priyanka’s face that she was a bit worried on her first flight

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