Thanks Gabriele!

Finally a personal blog entry that was long due.

On Wednesday I got a surprise in the mail. In the parcel I got two large Drawings of me and Priyanka, sent by the 360’s Best Artist Blogger – Gabriele.

The drawings are laminated, framed and now hanging on the walls of my bedroom! I’d like to thank Gabi for this real treat! You are the greatest!

Updates on the married life here:

I have taken an apartment here in Pune and Priyanka came here last Friday. She liked the house and all the arrangements.

I have denied the Gas Connection because my apartment is across ‘The Bridge on River Mutha’, and the agency people told me that they cannot cross their defined region. The agency people who can give the connection said call us after 8 days or so and then we will check the availability of the regulators.

We purchased a Mop and a Wiper from a supermarket and were asked to fill a form. After which one cameraman and 3 anchors came to my house inspecting if the mop did a good job or not! It was yesterday afternoon and they shot an interview of Priyanka which will be aired soon!

Dreams Unlimited are twitching me to getup again and grab the challenge coming in front of me. This time it is Sony! Here is the link which tells the full story. A short film shot on any medium, send us before 15th July, like in one month from today… we will air it in prime time on Sony Pix. I am afraid this time and don’t know why?

It is so funny to look at. Sometime it happens that things seem to fell apart and life ignores to go on your way. But it is life and we need to accept that.

From flat tyres to switched cell phones, from damaged seat covers to traffic jams, from denied gas connections to power cuts, from burned breakfast to tired evenings, from old friends to new neighbors. Changes come in all shapes and sizes.

From Friday night premiers to afternoon naps, from rocking weekends to peaceful post dinner walks, from pubs to temples, from late night parties to 6 o’clock come-home-soon SMSes. It is all so ironic if you ask me.

I am happy in my married life. Just the life has taken a turn so quickly! I knew all these things will change. It is nice to feel at home after all these years of wilderness.

Anyways… Just having an empty mind for the devil to haunt my thoughts! LOL!

Rock on!

PS: Friends! Please vote fot The Tajmahal…It is really a significant part of our lives. If you have ever loved someone, you realise, this mounament deserves to be in New 7 Wonders.


One thought on “Thanks Gabriele!

  1. you guys are made for each otherI know she will call you and tell you to hurry up and come home soon in 40 years from now. And I am so flattered this is the best payment for me. The reason for you being a little nervous to take that new film clip assignemt is that success can be sometimes scary when youre used to just dreaming about it. Put one of your clips in and use your great writing style to narrate it and it will be on TV.I wish you good luck. One TV interview I gave was a long time ago in GErmany, the guys were at DEsert STorm and the repporters put two kids at the suppport center on my lap and told me to pretend those are mine, then the reporter lady asked me a few question in an interview, one was if i thought my husband was still alive and if I thought he would come home. I was shocked she would ask something like that at a support center for army wifes well trust me she got a smart answer from e, and offf camera I let the producer know how inapropriate I thought her questions were.

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