A Nation Is Praying

It is a sad thing for the biggest democracy of the world called ‘India’ that the people elected MLA’s and MPs vote for the President and not the common man.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the people’s president, the mentor of millions of young minds and souls, the missile man of India and the one people want is refusing to accept the second term at the highest post a country can offer. A man who showed and proved the power of dreams to every Indian and gave them the biggest dream of Vision 2020 is leaving us all.

It is a once in a lifetime phenomenon that a person is raised above the title of the ‘First Indian’ and declined to stay.

All the political jokers are now looking for a suitable replacement of him among themselves.

The candidates are declared and they also said that if Kalam sir says yes, we will back off and clear the entire contest.

How I wish to just meet and tell him that the Youth, the generation, the dream of a super powered nation will feel orphaned if you leave us with all the politics.

A nation is praying.

Kalam sir,

Please don’t leave us.

We need you.


2 thoughts on “A Nation Is Praying

  1. I admit in saying that I never saw this mans face or ever heard about his name. That shows how much we know about important people from other parts of this world, especially rulers over a immensely large population. Whatever his resons may be in leaving, he might have thought about good peope to take his place, I dont know

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