The word is Typhoid.

I got it as this month started and only today I was able to join the office. Still feeling a bit weak but can manage.

Good things that happened lately were we bought a fridge and a BIG 29′ TV set plus a Tata Sky connection on it.

Priyanka’s MBA admission counseling is scheduled on 17th so she left for Indore yesterday.

My chances of entering in the pix short film contest vanished with the arrival of the sickness. Now I am very much in a confused state about this.

Harry is coming tomorrow with Order of the Phoenix. I am all set to watch the movie on Friday night and once more over the weekend in Hindi version.

I pre booked the copy of the Deathly Hallows with Crossword bookstores. I cannot wait till 21st when the book comes out.

Priyanka will be back till 23-24 and I do have enough things to keep myself busy till then.

How are you all friends?

In the pic posted here are Gaurav, Ankit, Deepak, Jagdish, Hissam and me. This was taken when they all came to my apartment to have lunch around 3 weeks before.


One thought on “Typhoid

  1. OH my god hope youre OK again, see that is wha I told my husband would happen if I came to visit to I India, probably would die of foodpoisoning, or a deadly spider bite would eat up my leg or something like that. I am halfway in and halfway out of my house right now, I finally sold it and were looking for a apartment to live in Sqvannah until we finish building our new house on the property. The buyer is closing the contract on the 20 of July then I will get kicked out. hopefully Philip will have a new place for me so I wont be stuck ant my mother in laws house. Wishing you a quick recovery and don’t worry about the film deal, what’s important is that youre better, there will be other offers that come along and sometimes things dont work out for someone else and a place might still be free for you to put in your entry late, you never know. Good luck to Pryanka too, take care

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