Two years of blogging… (nothing sappy in it.. don’t worry!)

It’s time to say sorry… and not just to all my net pals but to my blog also…Oh dear! Happy Birthday! Well to tell you all, it has been two years since I am around and a lot has happened over the two summers.

I was a bit worked up since last 2 months setting up house and all. Now before going wild over ideas here is a quick flashback. Priyanka got admission in MBA so she left me on my own here in Pune and my family and her family are taking good care for her in Indore.

I am just having fun these days… Or so I think but I really do miss my wife sometimes. LOL! (Shhh… If she is reading).

Watched ‘Heyy Babyy’ over the weekend and to tell you guys it was no fun at all. It was same old ripping of 3 men and a baby till intermission and after that stretched irritating jokes of Sajid Khan as they were on TV.

hena hena hena hena…

Oh come off it. When I watched Chak De India, I realized that the time of the cinema with rising India has come. But the next week I was in for the surprise.

Chak De India… is the name of the movie which should me made a must for each and every Indian and must be taught at schools.

Well I am going to watch the third ODI between India Vs England tonight.

See ya guys!


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