Stale Food, Rakhi, National Sports Day and a Murder

On Sunday evening I cooked some chickpeas and had them with rice. They were so appetizing that I had them on Monday morning also. Now, I think I made them for quite a few servings as had them for dinner also.

That was it. After half an hour I started vomiting and that too for 3 times in 2 hours. So I went out and got some medicines.

India lost the match and I have no idea how.

Yesterday was the festival of Raksha-bandhan or Rakhi and for the second time time in my entire life I was away from my sister on this very festival of siblings. Lat year was the same as now.

I blogged about this festival last year, so click here to know more about it.

Today 29th August is National Sports day in India and that is so because this day in 1905 born a wonderful man called Dhyanchand, who is known as the Wizard of Hockey. Many time the opposite teams used to change his sticks fearing he is using magnets in those.

It was year 1936. Berlin. And this was a final match of Hockey at the Olympics. Till the half time the score was India – 1 Germany – 0. In the second half India scored 7 more goals. 6 of them were shot by Dhyanchand. India won it’s first gold at Olympics.

Hitler came forward and offered Dhyanchand a post of Field Marshal in Germen Army which in return turned down politely by Dhyanchand.

He was a real player and a great man. Kudos to him.

On a rather unfortunate occurrence a 16 year old boy named Adnan Patrawala kidnapped by some of his so called friends and then strangled to death in panic when the news leaked on TV. Initially people blamed Orkut for his death and to tell you the fact, how can Orkut can kill someone?

The culprit here is the media. If they have kept their cool and did not flash the news of his kidnapping and all the clues the police had, Adnan’s life may have been saved. TV channels told the culprits that you are now closed. We are not going to accept your demands and you will go to jail. Certainly in the panic, they killed Adnan.

He was not a kid. He was 16 years old. He was partying out. He was found in his Skoda car. He had Orkut album pic showing him drive at 180 KMPH. He was a wild teenager. He was underage for driving a car, did not posses a license, still he was out in his car in which he found dead.

Adnan, you were definitely a smart and cool guy. Rest in Peace.

Media, take a chill pill.

Major Dhyanchand, a salute to you.

Indian Cricket team, Win or give up your job.

My li’l sis, Next year honey. I’ll be there.

chickpeas, I am not going to have them anymore.

Guys, Catch you all later.


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