5 Years of Creative Vigilance.

5 years ago, on 31st of August 2007, I was sitting in world’s second largest newspaper, Dainik Bhaskar’s office, preparing a presentation on how the Indore edition is planning to market their festive season specials.

That was my first day of work anywhere as a designer. It was a volunteer kind of thing but was my first task in the real working world.

The very same day was the last day of my C-Dac Arts Diploma where I learned all the tools to do the designing stuff. There was a party at the institute and I didn’t attend due to my first job.

It seems a thing of yesterday.

I am happy that after the not-so-tough-task-turned-tragedy of workload at the very beginning of my career I came a long-long way. I think Creativity, Inspirations and Dreams run hand in hand because for creativity you need inspirations and for inspirations you need dreams. For inspiration I never mean ideas, but the positive energy which helps in thinking of new and better things to be created.

So, what is it about all the years that make them special? Well, it is just a mad-mad-mad-mad world out there. So many clients, so many email, so many weekends, workplaces, increments, interviews, hits and misses, movies and night outs, shootings and scripting finally at the end of the day, it feels nice to be earning.

In the end of it all, whoever stands tall is pronounced winner.

Posted here is a pic of my batchmates of CDAC.


One thought on “5 Years of Creative Vigilance.

  1. very cool picture and you know, what got you this far is that you took the hits and also the misses without quitting when it seems like the job is starting to be a nightmare. I think that is what drives successful people when they fail its only a challenge to keep doing more and be better. Inspiration can come from positive, but often the tormented and difficult moments are inspiration for the most expressive work, ask any famous artist in history about that, i wish you nothing else but happiness and success in everything you do. My house is starting to look like something i will live in and it feels good to see what I have built with my own hands

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