A place called home


For a long time I kept a low profile here on 360. I was going through a series of changes in my personal and professional life. Everything came so quick that there was no time to blog at all. I missed being here all the time.

First of all, I have shifted my job from Westbase Technology, Pune to Yash Technologies Indore. Yash is a CMMi Level-3 company and deals in almost all the technologies a Software company can.

All this means a change of state, from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh and a change of city, from Pune to Indore. Priyanka’s MBA is going in full swing here and my new job is satisfactory enough. Everyone is happy that I am back. Old friends and close relatives are now calling frequently to congratulate us.

I have joined Yash as Sr. UI Specialist. Here I have complete freedom of creativity and can show it with various tools ranging from Corel Draw to Flash to Photoshop to Web.

Never in a dream I had thought that it would all happen at a furious speed. After almost a month of this radical change I come to think of it that whatever happened was only for good. I might have upset a couple of people in the process but hey, how often you get the opportunity to return to your roots, to your family and to your home?

It took as many as 8 years before I finally reached home.

Indore is a changed city now. People, traffic, multiplexes, infrastructure, work culture and lifestyle, everything has more meat added to it.

I am at Indore. I am at my home.


One thought on “A place called home

  1. Dushyant I am so happy for both of you , you are going places and its so great that Pryanka is also involved and moving ahead in school I’m proud of you guys that you dont crack under all the changes, but isnt it great to be into something and have something to focus on every day? well I kind of made myself home here in SAvannah pretty much , haley is going to school here and were still working on our house, one day it might actually be livable. Take care you two and do keep in touch

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