Starting with the age old question… What is passion?

There might be many definitions to it but lets talk about the things one can be passionate about!

Okay the one is I and I am completely passionate about things which might sound very unusual to many.

So lets list them out the top 5 of them.

1. My Blog: until recently I never realized that how passionate I am about my 360 page that it feels like my life is not complete until I put something here. It is a place where I can stand and shout my heart out, my happiness, my sorrows, my dreams and my life. I think it is the fact that my blog has given me my identity or say helped me know more about myself. It comes at the top of the things I am passionate about.

2. Here comes designing: My designs make me earn and as they say to have fun whatever you do will make things easier and life enjoyable. I like to design and it helps me earn too. So here is what I do have fun doing… Ah… just to cut it short I love the kind of work I do.

3. My HP Digital Cam: Oh Yes… it is a must in this list. Actually my wife pointed that out that as the life of a wizard was trapped in the parrot, I am completely crazy about my small 5 MP digital camera. I bought that from Stockholm. It was one of the cheapest models available but hey, the camera shares some of the best memories of my life. It is in trunk since I shifted to Indore and soon be coming out to make my life in Indore more visible and prominent.

4. Internet: A place, which hosts all the three of my TOP passions. Need I add more to it? I think Internet is a treasure of knowledge and one of the most beautiful inventions that I came across in my life. Now I got it at my home and will be doing it more often.

5. Movies: I love watching, thinking, making and living movies. The greatest stories told in the most passionate forms make movies an integral part. From now on as I am in Indore, I’ll soon be buying a handy cam and will be making short films based on email forwards. I think there are so many stories just waiting for larger audience. Be it of love, friendship, relationship or life.

So now tell me… what is your passion?


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