The Festival of Feminine Power: Navratra

After 10 days of Lord Ganesha and a fortnight of remembering the forefathers in ‘Pitrapakshya’, India is all set for the festival season, which is on from today.

‘Navratri’ or ‘Nau Durga’ or ‘Durga Pooja’ starts from today. In this festival, Hindus worship the goddess ‘Maa Durga’ who symbolizes the power, which runs the whole universe. The Celebrations include Garaba or Dandia folk dances all across the country.

The best part of this festival that I like is, it in true sense celebrates the feminine power and pays tribute to all the women in the world.

In India little girls are considered small forms of goddess Durga and get all the respect especially in these 9 days. People invite them home; treat them with desserts and gifts.

So wherever in the universe you are, if you come across the small forms of goddess Durga, touch their feet and seek blessings in these 9 days following today.

As of now, I am very proud to declare that this is my 300th blog entry and from the blessings of Maa Durga, I am sure that it will remain my consistent and regular intellectual property for a long time.

The romanticized part of this festival is Dandia or Dandia Ras or Garaba that is a kind of folk dance that is extremely popular in youth of India. With having two sticks in hands they dance with each other in groups.

All these night streets are decorated and all the neighborhoods arrange common places and decorate them for the dances. Every night guys and girls, young and old, children and women come out of their house and do or watch garabas till late night.

Priyanka and I are also going to participate in the events and from tomorrow onwards, I’ll be posting all the snaps from the celebration.

So keep smiling and keep cheering.

Good night and a happy weekend.


One thought on “The Festival of Feminine Power: Navratra

  1. Hi Dushyant, thanks for stopping by, I dont understand why there aint no comments maybe everyone thinks youre too busy to read them. Your posts are always such a great look inside your world and I have already learned so much about india. I really appreciate this one too. All your traditions and customs are so intricate and complicated like your art. WEll here iin the US nobody would want a innocent girl to go inside someone elses house and definately not accept any gifts or candy unless its Halloween. sad but true girls cant trust noone here. The way you describe your festival must be so enchanting to participate in it I wish i could join you two. You are one of my quality friends in here, hope you and your wife have a wonderful time, and soon you might be dressing up your little girl for the event

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