Entry for December 17, 2007

So finally my first website from Yash, http://www.syncex.com, designed by me and my team went live today. The site’s new version is completely designed by us to give it a fresh and trendy look which also has easy to use navigation and some flash.

I was sick since last one week and had viral fever to be exact. It was due to the sudden temperature change in the weather. Indore is 9 degree centigrade today and yes, it is cold.

So many friends told me that they are missing my writing here since long. So to all you people, I just want to say is I am also missing my self on 360.

Last week Priyanka also asked me that why I have not made any blog entry since long and when I gave the usual work pressure reason, she said you can at least write a couple of lines to make marks.

Ah.. I think I should.

By the way, we got our apartment colored this weekend. The colors are White, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Violet.

PS: (Edited on 28th January) – changes are rolled back and the site which is up is the older one! 😦 Sad!