So… there are times when the pools of creativity are full and even over flowing. And sometimes the overflowing pools lead to an isolation of mind where nothing can come out. The itch to create something new, to do something covers the mind in many details that it just fells like blasting off.

A medium is necessary. When chosen it can make you or it can break you. Think hard.

Creativity is not going anywhere. It is just there somewhere.

The pool is full and over flowing.

Go… jump in it.

It will soak your soul and melt your heart.

This is what you are looking for all your life. Time will figure out what needs to be done.

Only time will tell what is a must and what is okay to be left out.

Dreams which are cropped by the real world, spaces of mind which are overtaken by realities will grow again.

Sky is blue today.

Look the sun is here.

Morning sun.

Go tell yourself, who is sitting in the home, feeling safe and secured that ships are safe at harbor, but they are not made for them.

There destiny is open waters, wild storms.

‘behene do aaj kashti ko khule samandar me… muze bhi toofano ki zid dekhni hai’

Let the ship flow free in the open waters, I want to see how strong the storm is.

Get up buddy… it’s been a long time.

Sun is here… on the blue sky.


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