Sakhi Vasant Aaya…!

Look the spring is here. It has got all the warmth that we were expecting since long. It has taken away all the gloominess and grey of the winters. A new dawn has closed us to the sun. It’s the breeze which is carrying the smell of the new born flowers.

Young hearts are pondering faster then ever before. The music of heartbeats is making weaves all across the earth. ‘Vasantotsava’, the festival of spring is yet to begun. Every lover has only one ambition in his heart to please his beloved with the best gifts and efforts. The shy beloved has thrown her veil and now her face is shining in the new sun.

Peasants have started preparations to ripe what they saw. Farms are now full with the blessings of Mother Nature. Small chicks are reminding the lover the carefree attitude once he has before falling in love. His beloved is trying to catch the child of a cow who was born last night.

As their eyes are meeting, the lover is cleared of all his doubts. His beloved knows that he is the one for her. The small chicks and little cattle are celebrating the beginning of a new life.

But the lover is waiting; his beloved is calm on the surface. The energy of their love is blasting. It is so hard to hold back the constant urge to confess. To confess that how much they love each other and want to spend the whole life in each other’s arms.

‘Vasantotsav’, the festival of love just can’t come fast enough the day when he will just let her know his true feeling. It is coming…

Look the spring is here.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!


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