The Princess and the kingdom

So they say, behind every successful man there is a woman. Who may be his mother or daughter or wife or a love lost. So what is it that makes the females in the human species so impact full in one’s life?

I think there is only one fact that makes them so mighty. It is the power to give dreams.

When a child wakes up each morning and cries for not doing his daily activities, his mother comes forward. She tells him about the good things are out there waiting for him. She lets him know what the sun of the day has bought for him. She calls him little prince who has some kind of imaginary kingdom and he has to go out for the inspection.

When he gets hurt, his highness receives the most royal treatment of love and pampering. He is treated with all the care and sweetness. In the night he sleeps in her arms listing to all the mighty stories of a king or lion or how a daring prince fixed everything for her princess to make her fall in love with him.

Then dreams come.

Far away from the harsh realities from this world, in a kingdom of his own, he dwells, dreaming of a new story, a beautiful princess and the colors of rainbow, the sweets he loves the most and how big they are in here. They are all his property.

Time passes and the kid grows in to a teenager, who now feels so embarrassed by his mom’s kisses and hugs, feels to breakaway the homely comforts of his cocoon. He is ready to fly now.

He wonders why the girl next door or the one who sits next to him in class or the other girl who just happens to be a friend’s neighbor or the one who visits the grocery store nearby looks exactly the same as the princess he imagined in his thoughts.

Dose she ever heard the stories about a knight in a shining armor?
What she thinks about? What she likes about?
Has she ever noticed me? Or am I the most minor creature wandering here on the third rock from the sun has got nothing to impress her?

Long summer afternoons, long rainy nights, winter morning classes and one dream to make her his own. So the stage is set. All troops in command. The king has decided that some one special is going to join the kingdom as her highness royal princess.

He approaches her, she denies. Long sleepless nights with dreams wide awake.

What should I do?
Should I get good marks in my class to impress her?
Should I ride on my cousin’s bike in style to show her that I have got that skill much before other kids in town?
Should I ask her one more time?

The dreams have the power to keep you wide awake.

Here he makes plans, strategies and goofs up most of the time.

He comes across a phenomenon called money and feels that it would be best to ask her father directly when he gets enough money of his own to run his now a little cropped kingdom.

To make it a success he gets bigger dreams, bigger plans and bigger strategies.

If lucky plan works, otherwise, what do you feel about a prince who lost his kingdom even before he was crowned?

Life goes on. The enigma of a kingdom where the prince can dwell and rule shatters. He just struggles to make the ends meet.

One fine day, according to customs he gets married.

Dreams grow strong. He is ready to face all the challenges. He is sure that finally he has got his princess. The motive of his life, the reason why he was so restless or even alive is finally with him.

He will give her all the love he has got stored and sealed for her. He has got the reason to live again. He has got the reason to build his kingdom again.

His kingdom, not as big as it was used to be, not as grand as it used to be, but a kingdom which will be his own where he will live till eternity with the princess, his princess. She will give him courage, new dreams, new thoughts and new tunes. She will tell him that he can be rest assured for his kingdom.

If ever the harsh realities burden his mind, his princess will remind him that she loves him and she is here with him. Whenever he will be down, his princess will pull him up. He will show her how big his dreams are and in return she will show him the path to conquer the world. She will tell him her dreams and he will cross rivers and climb Mountains to fulfill them.

He will tell her all the stories from his heart which he has never shared with anyone.

They will have long walks on the beaches in moonlight; they will chat for hours over some cup of coffee.

She is his princess.

His reason to live… because she has the power to give him dreams.