Kay Sera Sera

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. It is not that I am not thinking about writing something here but it is the time constrains which are not allowing me to just relax and put some words together.

These days my office work is going cool.

I got a Panasonic MD 10000, a tripod and a wrote a good script aptly named ‘Ab jo bhi ho’ loosely translated to the old famous saying ‘Kay sera sera’.

On weekend I visit Sanawad to shoot my film and on late Sunday night return to Indore to my day job. Whole team or I should say all the teenagers of my home town colony wait for the whole 5 days for my return.

Having a 60 odd scene script, I have managed to take 14 scenes together in our 5 active shooting days in last 15 days. In the very beginning all my actors were very shy and uncomfortable with the process of film making but now I fully agree that as the proceedings are going on they are much improved and do push me to take another scene before the day ends. Oh! Lazy me.

But it is really tough to shoot outdoors when having 40 to 43 degree Celsius temperature in the day time plus infinite power cuts. It takes toll too.

My actors, who are not in the shot play my Assistant directors and do the additional jobs like holding boom mike, clap, carrying the tripod and camera.

It is all so much fun.

Last Saturday when we had to shoot a shot where the actors are sitting and having ice flack balls, the actors had three each and after the scene was finally canned we all had ice flack balls as many as we wanted. It was cool.

The whole colony is coming to terms that there is something going on with the youngsters. Curiosity is in the air. Thanks to my ADs that they all do alternate arrangements for the locations or tell people to stay at a safe distance.

So here is a synopsis for you all about that the madness is:

In a small town of Sanawad, somewhere in central India, a group of six teenagers namely Chotu (a thinker and ambitious guy), Guddu (smart and resourceful), Appu (cool and laid back), Johit (shy and scared), Sonu (aggressive) and Vicky (complete idiot), were best of friends.

Some where as there summer vacations process they decide to do something to gain name and fame for themselves and their family. They want to do something in the meantime as this might be their last summer vacations together. But how? This is the biggest question of their life.

JP Master, a looser who hated each one of these guys is their only hope in putting their puzzle together.

When the friends embark on their journey to do something which was never attempted before in the smallest of town like Sanawad, hilarious circumstances and events happen.

They not just work together for the greater good but meanwhile learn the truer definitions of love, life and friendship.

Yeah! It sounds familiar but trust me, you might find the description a bit tacky, but the content is really full and neat.

I just add that you may be witnessing some bad acting BUT not a bad film.