Memories of a great summer..

Emotions and creativity must come out from the heart and mind from everyone. There was a time when I chose this space at Yahoo as my creative platform, to give myself some place where I can put my heart and thoughts as raw as they could be.

Time changed and many things happened in my life since past year and my mind was occupied by the very worldly thoughts of family and life… funny haan!

The shooting of ‘Ab jo bhi ho‘ is complete and as I just spoke to Navneet, my editor, we will be starting the post production job from Saturday onwards.

I don’t know whether I am going to like my film or not but the thought of creating something out of no where gives immense satisfaction and pleasure to me. It may sound funny but looking closer the output of this whole 2 month exercise were definitely sweet. I did what I always wanted to do. Wrote, shot and directed a film of a good length.

Got frustrated so many times, shouted at the bunch of teenagers, had fun with them and best of all… became 17 again.

A great summer… Indeed!


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