A weeked that rocked!

There gone a weekend which was the most happening and rocking since a long time and it would be a waste if not documented!

Well, Gaurav, one of my roommate and a very good friend from Pune life, presently working in Bhopal came to visit me on Saturday. He was supposed to come in the morning but the train got delayed (Indian Railways work like that!) and he reached Indore at 4:00 PM. As we got home from the railway station, we had a late lunch and played my movie ‘Ab Jo Bhi Ho!’. He liked that film. Meanwhile Priyanka went to visit her parents till next morning.

So here we were, just got ready after the film and went to the mall ‘TI’, the Treasure Island. We went in the Sports Bar, all the first came a bottle of 2006 Red Wine. Why not? It was a time to celebrate for friends who met almost after a year and a half!

Had a long chat over nourishing over the bittersweet drink and then went out to play zone. Car race, the bumping-in-each-other cars, and then a bike race video game and a lot of cheering to others!

When we came out of the Play Zone, Gaurav said, we should have tried on Tequilas as we never had any shots!

I Agreed!

Ruby Tuesday was the name of the next pub. There, on the counter was a very nice fellow. We asked him for Tequilas and he denied having any for us. But as we were moving out he said he had something else for us and presented us with two shots of London Gin. I was in a double mind on that but as this fellow insisted; we went ahead with it with a slice of lemon in one hand.

It was good!

Next moment, Gaurav was going through the cocktails menus and chose something which neither he nor I understood. It had some unknown ingredients mentioned below.

We asked the fellow in a bartender’s suit about the drink and he said, it is alcoholic chocolate drink named Kahlua, with some orange based alcohol and added vodka. It sounded so strange that we hoped for it!

It was awesome man!

Coming out of the pub we were giggling like teenage girls. And then it occurred to me that, oh my gosh, we still have not tried Tequila!

There again we went on another floor to another pub where we were told that as this is a weekend so only couples are allowed. Down again! This made us too goal oriented in our mission to try Tequila that we returned to the sports bar and ordered there.

There it came! We took it in one shot and headed home. Not faraway, we went to this Paan Shop and had 2 Paans each, went home, chatted for a long time and went to sleep.

Next day it was time to around the city.

Breakfast at 56-shops, the food street, and had Indore’s traditional breakfast, Poha-Jalebi-samosa, had tea and then went to Aashu’s house.

Nice chit-chat there, next stop Promart, another shopping zone, just window shopping, next to Mangal City, another Mall, long drive to Bombay Hospital area then we took MR-10 and just cheered our selves.

Then, went to Dheeraj-Chotu’s house, on our way back got a flat tyre, changed it and took the ring road to Celebrations, Rajendra Nagar. We had a nice late lunch there and headed home.

I dropped Gaurav at the taxi stand at 6 O’clock and we departed on a cheerful note.

What Fun!



Entry for October 01, 2008


Got away from my day to day routin life from work and home to have a week long holiday. I visited Barwani, Dawana and Mandu in this duration. Everyone in Barwani and Dawana are fine. All the cousins, their wives and kids are fine and I returned to the city only to find that my editor had the good news for me. He finally recovered all the curropted edited files from his hard drive and now the film is done.

I got the DVD and showed it to as many people possible. Only regrate is that I got no time to show the movie to my family and people who actually worked in it. Only my wife has seen it till now from my family and my coworkers.

I was working last weekend on a fabulous new website project so was unable to visit Sanawad.

Tomorrow, as it is Mr. Gandhi’s b’day, we are having an national holiday. I am planning to visit Sanawad and will show the film to everyone.

whats next?

I dont know! lets see…

PS: Songs are here: