Entry for October 01, 2008


Got away from my day to day routin life from work and home to have a week long holiday. I visited Barwani, Dawana and Mandu in this duration. Everyone in Barwani and Dawana are fine. All the cousins, their wives and kids are fine and I returned to the city only to find that my editor had the good news for me. He finally recovered all the curropted edited files from his hard drive and now the film is done.

I got the DVD and showed it to as many people possible. Only regrate is that I got no time to show the movie to my family and people who actually worked in it. Only my wife has seen it till now from my family and my coworkers.

I was working last weekend on a fabulous new website project so was unable to visit Sanawad.

Tomorrow, as it is Mr. Gandhi’s b’day, we are having an national holiday. I am planning to visit Sanawad and will show the film to everyone.

whats next?

I dont know! lets see…

PS: Songs are here:




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