Over to WP

Finally this is done!

I have moved my dear blog from Yahoo 360! to Word press. It was a real difficult time which gone in between and as you may have guessed about it from my Birthday blog.

In November I lost my job, started as freelance designer, did quite a few projects, bought a new car, a Suzuki WagonR, that runs on LPG along with Petrol, went to a long road trip with my Grandmother, wife, her brother and my sister, joined another company as a Sr. Web Designer in Vadodara, GJ, means left Indore and now visiting home on weekends.

Quite a story for a year! Alas it was not blogged periodically as I was always thinking of it is all will be lost when 360 goes down. It is 4 years of blogging and loosing it all gave me chills. So I gave it all up. But now I think that Word press will hold on and here I am!

Will talk about lost months in some other posts or whenever reference will be relevant, but for now, I am a relaxed man.


Today, wake up at 4:30 AM and rushed to office as there was a client call at 6 in the morning. Reached here at 5:30 and it was all well.

Looking for the day ahead!


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