Me at Now!

Life at Vadodara is going just fine. Workload is enough to make me busy all the time. As you know, I always like to be loaded up with something or the other. So no space for spare thoughts and I am happy.

This does not mean that I do not think these days!

Actually I was thinking about quite a few things!!!

1. If China attacks India, and Pakistan joins China in it, and by the looks of it, it seems that US will not come to aid India and Russia is definitely not be fighting against another communist nation, what my family should be doing then?

Ans: I asked Abhishek Bhai to lookout for a rented place in Pati, 50 KM away from Barwani in the woods, so that we can move there till the war goes on!

2. What to gift Kids at home for this Diwali?

Ans: I am still confused!

So all in all, there are some things to ponder over of my own you see!


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