Diwali 2009: Family, Kids & Fun

Diwali at Barwani was fun. Aarti, my kid sister was absent. It was her call to not to come at Barwani, she stayed at Sanawad with our granny and Jacky. Kids just jumped over by the sight of me.

One specific thing happened over these vacations and that is, many of long pending family issues between many of us were discussed and a few of them really got sorted out, some got temporary fixes for the time being. I can never understand why things really go out of shape between grownups.

As I mentioned it was all fun and add some sugar and remove some bitterness is what everyone wants from festivals. I think it worked that way.

The conflict of thoughts I am referring to are not the ones that get discussed on a day-to-day basis but stay with us all.

Okay, enough of bragging without telling anything.

On the day of Diwali, it was a riot while we were at fireworks. A nonstop extravaganza of light and sound till we all got tired of it and decided to just stop.

Parth, 7, lighted china made firecracker which only makes a whistling sound and goes random, it directly ran towards my hair and set them on fire! LOL… got it out of my hair and it was a talk about among kids and a great story to remember!

Rini, 4, asked me if I would like to have some almonds, when I answered in affirmative, she told me to wait till her 3 feet ‘Almond Tree’, planted last month, starts producing any!

Many plans, many promises and many dreams were got shared. Kids grow up so fast and this was evident. They all behave in such different fashion every time you see them. A few inch taller, a few pounds heavier, a lot smarter and with lots of stories and new jokes.

But the best part, when you play cricket with them, they are ready to throw ball at you for those easy sixes and get it back for another one all the day long… just for the uncle they love so much… I love you too guys!


2 thoughts on “Diwali 2009: Family, Kids & Fun

    1. Barwani has changed dramatically, new buildings, a lot new people, bigger shopping complexes and new showrooms and hotels…

      Pushpkunj is all the same.. saw Om sir in the same blue uniform outside the school…

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