A Problem…

Last week there was Gitex, one of the biggest IT expo in the world, held at Dubai World Trade Center. Rishabh Software was present with all its might with a killer of a flash animation running in the background of the stall, made by the Design team in Vadodara, including yours truly. News has it that it was a successful venture and we got a lot of business leads from there.


Not this, but another piece of information left me puzzled and bugging me ever since it is over.


For a designer like me, with seven years of experience in the domain, with communication and writing skills of a kind that management has handpicked me for a team which will be writing articles to represent the organization, what it takes to stop being the one creating presentation running in the background and representing a CMM level 3 company as the exhibitor at a prime event like Gitex?


Clues left, questions dropped, okay, I may be sounding too much of a egoistic buff to you or maybe not, but this is a question which can show me the path I always want to walk onto.


In other events, I rode my bike from Indore to Vadodara this weekend, 360 KM. It was fun. Ankit, my bro-in-law was with me. He left today and I am thinking over this dead question.




(Someone told me that help is given to those who ask for it…)


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