Dushyant and his work life

Sitting alone in the office, it is late and I am waiting for food to arrive so can have dinner and move to railway station to catch the train to Indore. Yes, this is Friday again and time to go home.

Priyanka’s Final exams are starting from 3rd November and will last till end of the month. I am not sure if look for the place in this month or should wait for December to even bother on that front.

Another part is that if the investment done for moving with family to Vadodara is worthwhile or not. I don’t know, but this is what I am getting to learn from my instincts to just act on this and do the needful here.

An old client, from my freelancing days, is yet to pay me some money and if that happens I’ll be with some spare cash to sum it all up.

Anyways, I promised the marketing team to train them on SEO activities so they can discontinue the services of the third party vendor and start an in-house division for the same. I think it is a pretty much wise decision from the business point of view and will add to the capabilities of the company.

It is, of course, true that the kind of work, client management, web trends and web designing along with the small team to look after, I am doing at the optimum of my capabilities but feel that this is a a thing I must take up and do as a challenge. Definitely it is going to be a bit wild on my schedule but I’ll manage it somehow.

Rest later!



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