Client Site Visit

That was quick.. now I’ll be at client site Gurgaon for next two weeks.

Never saw this coming.. a lot of things to do before I leave.. flight is at 12 noon.

Need to pack

All cloths dirty as am coming from a wedding

Need new shoes

…. and I am blogging here



A Lot of Travel

Ashu is in the office, actually our other office nearby, for the interview and we will be travelling to Indore together tonight. As this not ends there, we will then be going to his house from there, I’ll go and see Kunal and then me and Ashu, may be with Dheeraj, will go to Sanawad for the wedding of dear Amit Jain.

Amit Jain comes in full because Amit is way too common a name and we do have almost 5-6 friends with the same first name. Amit Johri, Amit Tiwari, Amit Jain, Amit Kasliwal, Amit Sisodia, Amit Twari (the other Amit Tiwari), Amit Punjabi and so on.

Then there will be a big party, and then the wedding and then will be moving back to Indore for return to Vadodara.

I hope Brijesh has made his travel arrangements till then otherwise we will be couch sharing in the return journey same way as me and Ashu are going to do tonight.

Rest updates later!

Thinking of getting a mobile with camera or carrying my digital camera from home as never posted any photographs here on WP.


The Busy Schedule

It is time to accept this week as a dull some and do not talk about it anymore.

I was suffering from cough and cold since the storm and wanted some medicine for it. I went to the nearest pharmacy yesterday morning and in very clear words asked for syrup without any side effects such as drowsiness etc. The store fellow assured me for that and gave me a medicine which I took as first thing at office. Till lunch time I was almost asleep at my desk. After that, I moved home for a quick nap with a promise to return in a couple of hours.

It was 9 in the evening when I wake up. I was asleep for almost 7 hours. Next thing I did, had my dinner, another dose of that drug and again, I slept till 8 this morning.

My head was buzzing all day long and in the noon time I went to the pharmacy and complained about the situation, he just said sorry and that was it.

Ashu is coming tonight for his interview at my company and tomorrow we will leave together to Indore. He does not have any reservation as for now and we have to share the return seats after all.

By the looks of it, I am having a very busy calendar ahead. It is Ashu coming late tonight, and then tomorrow’s travel and then Kunal’s post wedding attendance, then move to Sanawad for Amit Jain’s wedding celebrations, on Sunday its Dhamnod where the wedding will take place. I will be going to visit Aarti at her hostel and may be to see Priyank’s kid.

On my return journey to Vadodara, Brijesh will be coming with me as he has got appointment as a fresher in my company.

Before things settle down, again I’ll be moving to Indore to take Priyanka with me to Vadodara for the house as the week will be gone in checking up if everything is all right.


Nothing today!

Again! I am having another day similar to the last one. I mean it gets hard to make sure you do not appear way too free and restless at office to be singled out.

Actually we have planning to do for SEM implementation and for that I was waiting for the meetings to be held at times promised. There is nothing on time and wide span of time to be filled.

I always feel bad about being in a too comfort with nothing assigned at work or not having any plans for the evening.

By the mention of the evening, I am alone again as Anukul and Gaurav, my roomies, are out of town, one to a wedding and another to company HQ for some kind of hearing.

It gives a space for movies on TV but it is not that cool as it seems. I will be calling friends and family in the evening, watch movies and go to bed.

Anyways, nothing in my head at the moment!

Its just eco!

Why I Love Stress!

Not a professional regular but there are days when one has got nothing to do at all. That means simply sit idle and stare at the monitor screen. I hate whenever this happens. I always like to be loaded up with tasks. One after the other, tight deadlines, workload and victory after the mission is accomplished. Quick smoking breaks look necessary, not excuses getting out of the development facility. When one has a full hard work day, it feels great to get out and have some fun. I think a dead day like this makes it worse in the evening leading to depression which does not end till late night.

When have a full hard work day, one wishes to go home have dinner, take walk or watch a movie and go to a much deserved sleep.

When there is a dead day, one preys all day for the day to come to an end, go home, the boring vibes continue, have dinner, do not like the food due to laziness, do not go for a walk as not in the mood to talk or walk, nothing comes on TV, all movies are watched already, life seems meaningless and questions such as why am I living this life comes frequently and no sleep till 3 AM.

SO! This is why; I always like to have a full-on loaded stressful workday.

In Business

Hey! It looks like I missed the name of another movie I saw last weekend, it was ‘The Ugly Truth’. Got to see its trailer on some channel last night and I got to know the miss.


In office prepared the timeframe chart for implementation of the Internet Marketing and Optimization which I proposed in the meeting to the higher management. I think it is a good plan but to execute it, it will take dedicated resources and I doubt that we have any in spare. So all the kick in will start with management to decide if they are in for new recruitments.

Design team here is a bit worried as they think it is going to be them trained and groomed for SEO activities. I assured them but the doubt remains.

Ashu called in and said he is coming next week from Indore to Vadodara for an interview at my company. It is good and I think it will be for his betterment if he comes in.

Rest is fine!

Light and Darkness

I am requested to finish the content for a friend’s pet project’s website and I think this is a pretty interesting task as this project may go a long way and evolve in a potential software company with all the ground prepared with best of class technology.

I am certainly not going to name him or the project until it’s out there in fall next year but can tell you that its more than an idea. A well prepared and thought after business plan to just strike at a right time at the right place. We have been discussing this plan over a long time now and though I have enough workload at office to keep me from thinking anything else, but I just cannot admire the minute details of consideration.

Let’s hope this turns out well.

Out in the office, now as the basic activities are not so frequent, I can go ahead and prepare the milestone plan for the four websites as discussed in post presentation meeting early last week.

Priyanka calls me and says I miscalculated the number of subjects in my last post and she is examined for and its 9 in all and only one to go this Friday.

Some sad news also came this Saturday and I was so uncomfortable with those that I did not blog about them. A very close childhood friend of my father passed away last week. My father looked pretty upset about losing a friend of a life time.

As if this was not enough, he told me that our dog Jacky ran away from home at Sanawad almost a month ago and did not return till now.

I am just hoping that he returns soon. Everyone in the family is sad about this too.

Cannot write further… I am Feeling bad.

Weekend Movies

Weekend gone by was rainy at Indore. We stayed indoors and while I watched 6 movies and tried a hand on Farm Ville at Face Book, Priyanka was studying. She is done with 4 of her exam papers and only 2 more to go plus some viva and one internal. I still do not understand how the brilliant professors at DAVV schedule the exams.

Anyways, Movies I watched, 6 of them!

Here are the star ratings for a change from the regular writings that I do!

1. The Proposal – ***/5 – Always liked Sandra Bullock and Rayne Reynolds looked perfect for his role!

2. Dance Flick – */5 – Do not know why I still watch these idiotic movies, just waste of time.

3. Monsters Vs Aliens – **/5 nothing too exciting, no novelty.

4. 17 Again – ***/5 – Could have been better, but an Okay watch.

5. Imagine That! – ***/5 – Good acting, good concept. Eddie Murphy needs to get out of his all father roles and do something new.

And the best of the lot!

6. The Hangover – *****/5 – BOY! Mad! Crazy! Funny! Though the beginning reminded me of another movie which stared Cameroon Diaz as the bride-zilla but, in it all goes fun there after!

If you have not seen it yet, grab a copy from your local DVD parlor (or download via torrent) now!

As it was not enough, movie buff like me got into theater last night with usual suspects my boss – Mr. Apurva Shah and my room-mate, Anukul. The movie was a kind of edge-of-the-seat end-of-the-world don’t-blink-or-you-will-crash-on-Mount Everest.

Yes, you guessed it right, 2012!

It was a movie made for theaters. No doubt it was a house full affair for a Monday late night all English show in Vadodara Inox.

Work is going just fine and in command at the moment.

Rest later!

Office Party and Weekend Plans

What is this entire buzz about Farmville on Facebook. One of my friends asked my credentials to just play there and passed on so many messages. I am curious to know what it is all about. I cannot access it from office but surely will checkout from home tomorrow.

Home, as it comes, I’ll be travelling tonight to reach Indore by tomorrow morning and as of Vadodara, have finalized, paid and signed the agreement of rent with the owner of the house. I’ll be moving there on 1st next month.

People here are not too excited about the company’s official party which is to take place on 22nd November, because first of all it is on Sunday, two, Vadodara Marathon is in the morning and a concert is to take place in the evening.

I am not going to attend it because will prefer to be with my beloved then some sit-while-they-perform type show. No dance, no drinks… boring! (I am not sure if this even qualifies as a party)

Hungry now! Going to grab my bite and then will be heading for my place to collect some cloths and then go to the railway station.


Wondering what to call this post!

In a long time, once again the blues have returned. I am just trying to cope with the feeling of sudden loneliness while people all around me. Is it normal to feel that way sometimes?

It feels like end of the world depression and alone going to face the doomsday.

It is not that I am afraid, just feeling so blue as if everything is meaningless and nothing can cheer me anymore.

As if Dementors are all around sucking the happiness from the world.

I know that I’ll be meeting Priyanka over the weekend and soon after that I’ll be moving her here. I’ll be meeting with my friends over the weekend and then there are some cool parties to happen in Amit’s wedding as well as a meeting with Priyank is due after he became a father to a baby boy last month.

I called him to check his weekend plans but it seems that he is preoccupied in some birthday party of his cousin, mind you one year old cousin of his. I am also invited as I am brother-in-law to that little girl, yea; she is my wife’s cousin too.

So this explains another point as I do have had my weekend planned already by someone else here.

Meanwhile, just changed my twitter background to Pune Memories,, please follow and let me know if you are there!

House, which I have almost finalized, comes without fans and lights, so need to look somewhere else. Crap! I sincerely do not feel doing all this stuff, I feel so dreadful doing all this god-knows-how activities. Another thing I hate doing is to look for a LPG cylinder for kitchen. I also need a moral support while visiting a barbershop. I hate it when one has to sit for half an hour on a chair doing nothing at all and even more when the barber talks to someone or takes a break to has tea or gets a call.

Complain mode due!

I went to a wedding in the launch hour. It was Deepak Nair, an old friend from Indore got married here in Vadodara, just wished him, had lunch and returned to work.

Kunal Pathak, another very good and old friend from my school days sent his wedding invitation via email. Funny, you can never get lost online! His wedding is going to take place a day before Amit Jain’s and Vishal Soni, another friend from school time sent his brother’s wedding invite (you guessed it right! Email again!)  And that is for next weekend. Hummm…!

I think it will be better if I call it a day and watch ‘I am Legend’ on HBO!


PS: Oh man, broker just called and will be going to see another house now.