Dushyant says,

By: Dushyant Kanungo

My Journey back to Vadodara from Indore this Sunday night was not fun. The compartment I was in was filled with people for one family travelling together for wedding to the bride’s place. They have almost 50 out of 72 berths in the train and many of them were on RAC trying to fit in. A lot of kids were crying and ladies singing and shouting at each other.

It was a mess of a situation. And when I got some sleep, one of the administrators of the whole party woke me up saying our station has come while it was still 5 AM. Train reached Vadodara at 6:30 in the morning and I was dead tired of the journey.

Anyways, reached office and wrote the piece posted right before this one for one of the company blog and SEO activities, promised them to put it on my blog with a back link. Rest of the day went fine. Finally I have managed to initiate the search engine activities at my company which actually were outsourced to some other company. I consider this as a decisive moment in my career as if it all turns well; the credit will be mine or else will be termed as an experiment failed.

Priyanka went to attend her first examination paper today for the last semester of MBA and as she puts it, it was alright. I bet my cow on it that she’ll get at least 70 in this paper; why girls always so insecure about results? She sometimes reminds me of Miss Hermione Granger, without Hermione’s nagging about studies stuff and pushing Harry and Ron around.

Now talk about girls, my favorite niece Isha, 9, is on her maiden school tour to Rajasthan and that too for 7 days, no less! I am sure that the whole family will be in for stories and more stories for next 2 months when she returns. I believe that this tour will definitely make her learn many things about family, friends, life and self.

Friends! Amit Jain! He is getting married! Yes, Amit is getting married on 29th November and I am going. This is really an important moment as every one of us sharing the J-55 LIG room at Ashu’s backyard will be married then. I wonder who is going to be married next. Ashu, Nikhil or Taklu? I cannot remember anyone next in that line.

Anyways, a lot is going on around.

Priyanka and I have decided to move to Vadodara in December after she finishes her exams in Indore and I am planning to look out for a room this weekend.

Rest later!


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