Dushyant Gives a Big Presentation

As the day comes to an end, here is something to make a lot of comes. Today I gave a big presentation on Internet Marketing activities for company and associated sites to the CEO, VP and Managing Heads. It took a week to prepare and was shot down by my manager this morning so I had to do it again all day.

I think it turned out well and I was able to project the message I was trying to put across the management.

As the next steps are invited, it makes sense to me that a milestone chart from here onwards is in the direction of the team formation for Internet Marketing. My CEO offered 4 websites for these initial activities and asked us to propose the plan for each.

My boss feels that in the presentation, I was a bit on the tech side, but as I can assure you that this meeting was primarily planned as a tech session to the marketing team and turned out a board presentation, it was the mindset which might have affected it, but anyways, point taken.

Another issue that he sighted in my presentation was my fluency. He says you not even breathe and speak in an uninterrupted flow. Blame that to butterflies.

But as he puts in the good words, it was all well in the end and now I am waiting for the next inputs from management on this so it can be moved in to practical implementation.

Crap! My mind is still not out of those thoughts… I hope it went well.


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