Rains and Cities

The storm has run out of gas and now it is only rains we can expect here! Funny thing, it is quite cold and rainy out there. It is colder then I was expecting Vadodara to be any time soon.

I have got the tickets for this month’s weekend travel printed. There is much going on here. After this weekend, next is the annual event of the company will take place but I’ll not be there, as have to attend another function in Indore and next to that have to make sure Amit Jain gets married!

Home, as I said, is almost final and just has to see it one more time in day light and do the final agreements and stuff before I can move there.

These rains and cloudy weather has caused nostalgia all around. Yesterday I was thinking about Pune and friends, today it was all Indore, but dude, this time is also going to be a thing of past and one has to live in today to live every moment.

Pune days were fantastic and it shows from my blogs whenever I go through older posts. Indore life was not too much documented as I was not getting enough of motivation to write and 360 was almost dead then.

As the outcome of the presentation I have to submit a time frame deadline structure to the management for execution approval. I am waiting and counting the tasks in hand so that whenever we get a green light it can be moved without interruption.

I think we have done quite well on the one site we have in hand and a compilation of 4 website is certainly going to be exciting. I know it is not that easy, but who said life will be a cake walk?

‘She has got no money, her clothes are kinda funny and her life’s a mystery… Oh but… Love grows, where my Rosemary goes and nobody knows, like me’ – Edison Lighthouse