Wondering what to call this post!

In a long time, once again the blues have returned. I am just trying to cope with the feeling of sudden loneliness while people all around me. Is it normal to feel that way sometimes?

It feels like end of the world depression and alone going to face the doomsday.

It is not that I am afraid, just feeling so blue as if everything is meaningless and nothing can cheer me anymore.

As if Dementors are all around sucking the happiness from the world.

I know that I’ll be meeting Priyanka over the weekend and soon after that I’ll be moving her here. I’ll be meeting with my friends over the weekend and then there are some cool parties to happen in Amit’s wedding as well as a meeting with Priyank is due after he became a father to a baby boy last month.

I called him to check his weekend plans but it seems that he is preoccupied in some birthday party of his cousin, mind you one year old cousin of his. I am also invited as I am brother-in-law to that little girl, yea; she is my wife’s cousin too.

So this explains another point as I do have had my weekend planned already by someone else here.

Meanwhile, just changed my twitter background to Pune Memories, http://twitter.com/dushyantmk, please follow and let me know if you are there!

House, which I have almost finalized, comes without fans and lights, so need to look somewhere else. Crap! I sincerely do not feel doing all this stuff, I feel so dreadful doing all this god-knows-how activities. Another thing I hate doing is to look for a LPG cylinder for kitchen. I also need a moral support while visiting a barbershop. I hate it when one has to sit for half an hour on a chair doing nothing at all and even more when the barber talks to someone or takes a break to has tea or gets a call.

Complain mode due!

I went to a wedding in the launch hour. It was Deepak Nair, an old friend from Indore got married here in Vadodara, just wished him, had lunch and returned to work.

Kunal Pathak, another very good and old friend from my school days sent his wedding invitation via email. Funny, you can never get lost online! His wedding is going to take place a day before Amit Jain’s and Vishal Soni, another friend from school time sent his brother’s wedding invite (you guessed it right! Email again!)  And that is for next weekend. Hummm…!

I think it will be better if I call it a day and watch ‘I am Legend’ on HBO!


PS: Oh man, broker just called and will be going to see another house now.


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