Office Party and Weekend Plans

What is this entire buzz about Farmville on Facebook. One of my friends asked my credentials to just play there and passed on so many messages. I am curious to know what it is all about. I cannot access it from office but surely will checkout from home tomorrow.

Home, as it comes, I’ll be travelling tonight to reach Indore by tomorrow morning and as of Vadodara, have finalized, paid and signed the agreement of rent with the owner of the house. I’ll be moving there on 1st next month.

People here are not too excited about the company’s official party which is to take place on 22nd November, because first of all it is on Sunday, two, Vadodara Marathon is in the morning and a concert is to take place in the evening.

I am not going to attend it because will prefer to be with my beloved then some sit-while-they-perform type show. No dance, no drinks… boring! (I am not sure if this even qualifies as a party)

Hungry now! Going to grab my bite and then will be heading for my place to collect some cloths and then go to the railway station.