Weekend Movies

Weekend gone by was rainy at Indore. We stayed indoors and while I watched 6 movies and tried a hand on Farm Ville at Face Book, Priyanka was studying. She is done with 4 of her exam papers and only 2 more to go plus some viva and one internal. I still do not understand how the brilliant professors at DAVV schedule the exams.

Anyways, Movies I watched, 6 of them!

Here are the star ratings for a change from the regular writings that I do!

1. The Proposal – ***/5 – Always liked Sandra Bullock and Rayne Reynolds looked perfect for his role!

2. Dance Flick – */5 – Do not know why I still watch these idiotic movies, just waste of time.

3. Monsters Vs Aliens – **/5 nothing too exciting, no novelty.

4. 17 Again – ***/5 – Could have been better, but an Okay watch.

5. Imagine That! – ***/5 – Good acting, good concept. Eddie Murphy needs to get out of his all father roles and do something new.

And the best of the lot!

6. The Hangover – *****/5 – BOY! Mad! Crazy! Funny! Though the beginning reminded me of another movie which stared Cameroon Diaz as the bride-zilla but, in it all goes fun there after!

If you have not seen it yet, grab a copy from your local DVD parlor (or download via torrent) now!

As it was not enough, movie buff like me got into theater last night with usual suspects my boss – Mr. Apurva Shah and my room-mate, Anukul. The movie was a kind of edge-of-the-seat end-of-the-world don’t-blink-or-you-will-crash-on-Mount Everest.

Yes, you guessed it right, 2012!

It was a movie made for theaters. No doubt it was a house full affair for a Monday late night all English show in Vadodara Inox.

Work is going just fine and in command at the moment.

Rest later!


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