Light and Darkness

I am requested to finish the content for a friend’s pet project’s website and I think this is a pretty interesting task as this project may go a long way and evolve in a potential software company with all the ground prepared with best of class technology.

I am certainly not going to name him or the project until it’s out there in fall next year but can tell you that its more than an idea. A well prepared and thought after business plan to just strike at a right time at the right place. We have been discussing this plan over a long time now and though I have enough workload at office to keep me from thinking anything else, but I just cannot admire the minute details of consideration.

Let’s hope this turns out well.

Out in the office, now as the basic activities are not so frequent, I can go ahead and prepare the milestone plan for the four websites as discussed in post presentation meeting early last week.

Priyanka calls me and says I miscalculated the number of subjects in my last post and she is examined for and its 9 in all and only one to go this Friday.

Some sad news also came this Saturday and I was so uncomfortable with those that I did not blog about them. A very close childhood friend of my father passed away last week. My father looked pretty upset about losing a friend of a life time.

As if this was not enough, he told me that our dog Jacky ran away from home at Sanawad almost a month ago and did not return till now.

I am just hoping that he returns soon. Everyone in the family is sad about this too.

Cannot write further… I am Feeling bad.


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