In Business

Hey! It looks like I missed the name of another movie I saw last weekend, it was ‘The Ugly Truth’. Got to see its trailer on some channel last night and I got to know the miss.


In office prepared the timeframe chart for implementation of the Internet Marketing and Optimization which I proposed in the meeting to the higher management. I think it is a good plan but to execute it, it will take dedicated resources and I doubt that we have any in spare. So all the kick in will start with management to decide if they are in for new recruitments.

Design team here is a bit worried as they think it is going to be them trained and groomed for SEO activities. I assured them but the doubt remains.

Ashu called in and said he is coming next week from Indore to Vadodara for an interview at my company. It is good and I think it will be for his betterment if he comes in.

Rest is fine!


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