Why I Love Stress!

Not a professional regular but there are days when one has got nothing to do at all. That means simply sit idle and stare at the monitor screen. I hate whenever this happens. I always like to be loaded up with tasks. One after the other, tight deadlines, workload and victory after the mission is accomplished. Quick smoking breaks look necessary, not excuses getting out of the development facility. When one has a full hard work day, it feels great to get out and have some fun. I think a dead day like this makes it worse in the evening leading to depression which does not end till late night.

When have a full hard work day, one wishes to go home have dinner, take walk or watch a movie and go to a much deserved sleep.

When there is a dead day, one preys all day for the day to come to an end, go home, the boring vibes continue, have dinner, do not like the food due to laziness, do not go for a walk as not in the mood to talk or walk, nothing comes on TV, all movies are watched already, life seems meaningless and questions such as why am I living this life comes frequently and no sleep till 3 AM.

SO! This is why; I always like to have a full-on loaded stressful workday.


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