Nothing today!

Again! I am having another day similar to the last one. I mean it gets hard to make sure you do not appear way too free and restless at office to be singled out.

Actually we have planning to do for SEM implementation and for that I was waiting for the meetings to be held at times promised. There is nothing on time and wide span of time to be filled.

I always feel bad about being in a too comfort with nothing assigned at work or not having any plans for the evening.

By the mention of the evening, I am alone again as Anukul and Gaurav, my roomies, are out of town, one to a wedding and another to company HQ for some kind of hearing.

It gives a space for movies on TV but it is not that cool as it seems. I will be calling friends and family in the evening, watch movies and go to bed.

Anyways, nothing in my head at the moment!

Its just eco!


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