The Busy Schedule

It is time to accept this week as a dull some and do not talk about it anymore.

I was suffering from cough and cold since the storm and wanted some medicine for it. I went to the nearest pharmacy yesterday morning and in very clear words asked for syrup without any side effects such as drowsiness etc. The store fellow assured me for that and gave me a medicine which I took as first thing at office. Till lunch time I was almost asleep at my desk. After that, I moved home for a quick nap with a promise to return in a couple of hours.

It was 9 in the evening when I wake up. I was asleep for almost 7 hours. Next thing I did, had my dinner, another dose of that drug and again, I slept till 8 this morning.

My head was buzzing all day long and in the noon time I went to the pharmacy and complained about the situation, he just said sorry and that was it.

Ashu is coming tonight for his interview at my company and tomorrow we will leave together to Indore. He does not have any reservation as for now and we have to share the return seats after all.

By the looks of it, I am having a very busy calendar ahead. It is Ashu coming late tonight, and then tomorrow’s travel and then Kunal’s post wedding attendance, then move to Sanawad for Amit Jain’s wedding celebrations, on Sunday its Dhamnod where the wedding will take place. I will be going to visit Aarti at her hostel and may be to see Priyank’s kid.

On my return journey to Vadodara, Brijesh will be coming with me as he has got appointment as a fresher in my company.

Before things settle down, again I’ll be moving to Indore to take Priyanka with me to Vadodara for the house as the week will be gone in checking up if everything is all right.



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