A Lot of Travel

Ashu is in the office, actually our other office nearby, for the interview and we will be travelling to Indore together tonight. As this not ends there, we will then be going to his house from there, I’ll go and see Kunal and then me and Ashu, may be with Dheeraj, will go to Sanawad for the wedding of dear Amit Jain.

Amit Jain comes in full because Amit is way too common a name and we do have almost 5-6 friends with the same first name. Amit Johri, Amit Tiwari, Amit Jain, Amit Kasliwal, Amit Sisodia, Amit Twari (the other Amit Tiwari), Amit Punjabi and so on.

Then there will be a big party, and then the wedding and then will be moving back to Indore for return to Vadodara.

I hope Brijesh has made his travel arrangements till then otherwise we will be couch sharing in the return journey same way as me and Ashu are going to do tonight.

Rest updates later!

Thinking of getting a mobile with camera or carrying my digital camera from home as never posted any photographs here on WP.



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