Birthday and future plans!

So the day is almost over and I am happy to be the Birthday boy. Got lots of calls, messages and mails for the day and many in office congratulated in person.

Yesterday, Priyanka went to IIM Ahmadabad as due to lake of internet connection at home, we missed the FPM application’s last date which was 15th December.

She got a cold shoulder from the staff there but it was a fantastic experience for her to be able to feel the number one institute of India. Better luck next time!

Tonight’s plan includes ‘3 Idiots’ and hope we’d get tickets for the late night show.

I have contacted the ISP Company here at Vadodara and hope to get the internet connection at home working over the weekend.

There is a lot to do in the coming years and B’ days give you tremendous opportunity to think over all the stuff and reorganize your life. And as the occasion owns it, the year also comes to the closer at the same time around for all of us.

So! What are your plans for the next year Dushyant?

Umm… Primary plan is to get Priyanka’s career on track for the PhD Fellowship thing. Second priority is getting a good bank balance this year. There are no prime expenses are in process so this must be done or pronounce it a flop.

Third priority will be to analyze if all this can be done in a foreign country.

So, does it mean that you are not happy at Vadodara?

No, this has got nothing to do with Vadodara, but it being a plan of the future since last 2 years.

What else do you mind achieving when you will be 27 or in the course of 2010?

A nice ‘Team Lead’ or ‘Head’ or ‘Manager’ added to the designation won’t hurt!

So, no ‘Papa’ addition to the profile in picture?

Don’t think so. Baby plans for 2011.

Why you are so sure dude?

I don’t know… The sure fire thing is, life never moves the way you wish it to be but making plans certainly makes one know where east is!

So! Best of luck and have a good life ahead!

Thanks dear! You are so very welcome!


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