Report cards

After watching the movie ‘3 Idiots’ on my birthday last week, I still cannot stop thinking about the fact or the statement made by the movie. Go to college or school for the sake of learning, not for the degree. This is certain that the educational system in practice by most of the nation on the planet is based on the pupil’s ability to remember what is written in the books in those 2 hours time in the examination hall then his ability to think or caliber. The pressure loosing the 3 percent, 91% from 94%, is practically considered as a crime by many of the parents.

Sitting on the verge or time when I have to start a family of my own, makes me wonder as to how I can explain the rules of the game to my child and also make them follow their heart?

Either expect those BIG grades by just memorizing what is written in the books without understanding a word from them or doing what one wants to do. If I failed in making this balance, either I’ll be called the irresponsible parent who never made the kids finish their education or encouraged them for it or someone who just killed what was so dear to the child for his/her life or future.

This is all so confusing and makes my head go full of questions.

While over the years, considering myself as a victim of the educational system, I tried to figure out a way between.

The closest to the answer for this question came to me in International Baccalaureate, an international educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. IB has several schools in India and by the looks of it, it offers ample opportunities for the kids to learn and choose the way they want to be in the journey of life.

That said and researched, now come to the monetary part of it. How much is the fee? isn’t the annual fee in these schools much higher then what we paid for the graduation to the college? How many parents can actually afford it?

Leave IB, even the ICSE or CBSE schools are getting way too out of range.

Can’t we have a minister of education or a government who can seriously think of educational reformation and adopt the structure of IB into more and more schools across the country so the education gets more practical in life than just piece of papers with future written on them?

He was a 90 per center in schools, scored 80 in graduation and 78 in his masters before some MNC picked him for some annual package which was higher than his fathers entire life’s salary.

He never had friends in school, he was a loner. Whenever one saw him he was always on the way to or back from his tuitions. He got ragged in college, scored in the highest brackets, was teacher’s pet. Always an outcast, but happy to the fact that his parents were happy and proud to talk about him socially.

Sitting in his personal cabin in a far away country where his new job took him, he was crying.

Wondering what has he done wrong?

I am not going to complete this story because this is not mine and I am no one to justify someone else’s life.

My Story…

As Mr. Steve Jobs said in his speech at Stanford University, life is about connecting the dots. One cannot connect the dots of future but can join the dots of the past to see whether it was a life well lived or not.

My drawing is going good…

All the dots in my drawing are well placed and defined all the way to here. Mistakes, achievements, hopes, tears, smiles, love, pains, understandings, arguments, misunderstandings, fights, laughs, friends, parties, awkwardness, tight corners, failures, success…. It was a masala script!

I am not complaining.

I am just making the point that what if, there was a more comprehensive educational system present which concentrated on humans than report cards.


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