Life in waiting…

The life at Vadodara is going pretty dull these days. Nothing much exciting is happening and we are just trying to figure out from where the new bomb is going to attack.

Life never remains this dull for me and I am just waiting for the next rocking moment. This is bad. This is just plain bad. I always run into something way to unexpected after such lull, just like before the storm.

Now for more prominent things, I went to BITA, the Baroda Information Technology Association’s fair this 26th January with Lokendra Dongre. Lokendra is a long time friend and a Chemical Engineer currently working with Reliance Industries at Surat.

Tree things, which I found way to cool in the fair, are namely: 1. 3D Monitor, 2. Touch Screen white board, 3. Intel i7 Processors.

I will write in details about them in later posts as now not feeling in the mood.

Goddamnit! Why on earth at this place they do not sell some hard drinks. I am dying for some alcohol here! It’s been good 2 months since I had some good chilled can of beer or a glass of whiskey.

Am I doing right thing by writing about THAT here?

My Mother-in-law and her son are coming to Vadodara for a visit tonight and the weekend will go with them. It is going to be second visit from Tony since I am here.

Rest all is waiting….

Good God!


Veer is Okay but Avatar in 3D is Not

Fictional Period Drama: check, Bad reviews: check, bad acting: check, irritating supporting cast: check, bad music: check, incorrect wardrobe: check.

And then we get something to compete to our dear Mard Tangewala.

What Veer is about? It is a mix story bag of all epics like Troy, Rustom Sohrab, DDLJ, 300 and even Titanic.

Salman tried really hard to save the film but he could not.

The only positive about my experience about this film was that I wasn’t expecting anything from it. Yeah, I got all these words even before I reached the cinema hall.

I was ready. So it was not that bad. An average watch, if I say the max. In the post interval portions, I felt sweat around my neck and looked at people around me watching the movie.

I know when this happens. It means the movie is long and I have already lost interest in it.

BUT another bigger surprise I had on Sunday. I and the wife drive 50 KM to watch Avatar in 3D, after we have seen 2D already, and it was not at all I was expecting. Things were not hanging in the middle of the screen or coming directly to us, it was just plan layers behind the screen.

I think Chota Chetan, Chota Jadugar and Abra ka Dabra had more stuff flying out of the screen then this movie.

My vote goes to Avatar for the film not for the 3D; I was imagining many things before moving into theater but alas. Disappointing. Just plain waste of money.

If you have seen it in 2D, and not in 3D, not to worry. You did not miss anything.

Cricket, SEO and Movies

Social Media Marketing for ODScommerce is keeping me busy these days and it is getting harder to keep track here. Anyways, it was a good long workweek for us all at office.

On Monday evening, as I came out of office I saw Nayan Mongia coming out of his shop with family. As he lives just across the road from my office, I saw him many a times doing his chores. Brajesh, who was with me waiting for other people to go play cricket tournament with some other corporate team, suggested we must go and meet him.

So we went and after a formal introduction, I told him about how we used to discuss about him and his wicket keeping skills.

The guy was humble and gave us all ears for what we were telling him. It was great!

On the professional front, I got to attend this webinar about the trends in 2010 to double the web traffic, organized by WebMarketing123.

The best thing about the entire experience was that, it consolidated all my beliefs and learning about SEO by just summarizing what I learned about SEO and SEM all these years.

On a conversation over twitter, I asked the webmarketing123 people if it is possible for me to do guest blogging for them and they said, I need to list out the topics I am interested in and then we may proceed.

Coming back to square one here, it requires some time to actually sit and write about the best in technology about which much has been written already.

Over the weekend, I watched bulk of movies and see if I can remember the names: The Blind Side, Julie and Julia and Inglorious Basterds among the lot!

I bet there were 4 more. LOL!

See ya later!

Makar Sankranti at Gujrat

Makar Sankranti is the only Indian festival which comes on a Roman calendar date i.e. 14th January each year. Traditionally, in my part of the country, it gets celebrated with married women gifting each other the symbols of marriage. While kids do enjoy the sweets made of sesame seeds and fly kites.

Now, in Gujrat, this is as wild as it gets. From kids to adults, from businessmen to the unemployed, everyone get down to one business only. That being flying kites and flying some more kites. This is an amazing experience for me as there are no people at office today, busy flying kites even after the festival.

I too got some kites but was unable to fly in the overloaded skies in the city. My kites never took off! Someone or the other cut it before it could actually reach its intended height. It was so funny to realize that people have bought kites in 100s for this very same reason. They cut 4 of my kites, I lost 2, 1 got stuck and I accidently tore 2 of them. Then last patience and returned inside.

I am not feeling like writing anymore. See ya later!

Why Mondays!

Feeling like hitting the sack right now. Grrrr… Mondays, I hate’em.

If having a rough day at office was not enough,  practically anything I am doing or even involved as a part or reference is turning out blue.

Just too much to handle for me in a single Monday.

My weekend was sort of okay as watched Pyaar Impossible on Friday night, was at office for trainings and all (I was the trainer for the team, mind you!), Sunday went to this interview with Priyanka at some college and in the evening, shopping time for the wife! It was all about it.

Now! Just kill me or leave me. Cannot sustain any tortures anymore.

Thursday and Thoughts

I am back from the Flu! Not perfect in health but fine enough to sit through the office hours.

And what I get here? Surprise Surprise! I got my confirmation letter for this job, ending my probation period a fortnight earlier. Work is all the same; it stays there; keeps me busy… and happy.

So! The Arctic Blast huh?

A flop Copenhagen followed by a Day-After-Tomorrowish chill across Europe and America, sending even Miami to run for two coats of woolen blankets, is not nice.

Though India is all the same, winter is not that long here and we will be in for a heated, way too long summer starting technically from 14th January with the festival of Makar Sankranti, an old festival after which earth tilts on its axis for another season to come.

I am wondering if the Mayan calendar is a real thing. What if the world is really coming to an end?

Here he goes again! Shut-up you idiot!


Because you are again taking rubbish!

But this is why we have blogs; to talk whatever we wish to; idiotic or not!

Skin it dude!


So what’s your take tomorrow? ‘Pyar Impossible’ or ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’?

I don’t know, DMG looks way too old, yes, there is SRK but look they have got Fardeen Khan and boring songs in it. I can handle Uday Chopra and kinda like the songs. So PI will be the first and if got nothing else to do over the weekend and got good things to read about DMG, will go there as well!

Fine! Do what you please!

Oh, Thanks mini me!


Flu! This nagging feeling of running nose, body ache and laziness with strong desire to return to bed is called Flu.

I assume it is not THAT flu which is running wild in news these days, but yeah this is disturbing and painful. I am working at office and not taken an off for this ‘mild’ illness as this may cost me a day’s or half-a-day’s pay because I do not have any leaves in my account from the company.

Till I get permanent here, for which I have to finish 6 months at Rishabh, at about 15th January 2010, OR till I get the letter from the top management confirming the same, whichever is the later, I don’t get paid for any leave I take, whatever the emergency may be.

Funny, yeah!

This is how companies work in India.

Just trying to concentrate on my work but this nagging feeling is not letting me focus.

ABBA – Our Last Summer is playing and I love it.