Flu! This nagging feeling of running nose, body ache and laziness with strong desire to return to bed is called Flu.

I assume it is not THAT flu which is running wild in news these days, but yeah this is disturbing and painful. I am working at office and not taken an off for this ‘mild’ illness as this may cost me a day’s or half-a-day’s pay because I do not have any leaves in my account from the company.

Till I get permanent here, for which I have to finish 6 months at Rishabh, at about 15th January 2010, OR till I get the letter from the top management confirming the same, whichever is the later, I don’t get paid for any leave I take, whatever the emergency may be.

Funny, yeah!

This is how companies work in India.

Just trying to concentrate on my work but this nagging feeling is not letting me focus.

ABBA – Our Last Summer is playing and I love it.


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