Thursday and Thoughts

I am back from the Flu! Not perfect in health but fine enough to sit through the office hours.

And what I get here? Surprise Surprise! I got my confirmation letter for this job, ending my probation period a fortnight earlier. Work is all the same; it stays there; keeps me busy… and happy.

So! The Arctic Blast huh?

A flop Copenhagen followed by a Day-After-Tomorrowish chill across Europe and America, sending even Miami to run for two coats of woolen blankets, is not nice.

Though India is all the same, winter is not that long here and we will be in for a heated, way too long summer starting technically from 14th January with the festival of Makar Sankranti, an old festival after which earth tilts on its axis for another season to come.

I am wondering if the Mayan calendar is a real thing. What if the world is really coming to an end?

Here he goes again! Shut-up you idiot!


Because you are again taking rubbish!

But this is why we have blogs; to talk whatever we wish to; idiotic or not!

Skin it dude!


So what’s your take tomorrow? ‘Pyar Impossible’ or ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’?

I don’t know, DMG looks way too old, yes, there is SRK but look they have got Fardeen Khan and boring songs in it. I can handle Uday Chopra and kinda like the songs. So PI will be the first and if got nothing else to do over the weekend and got good things to read about DMG, will go there as well!

Fine! Do what you please!

Oh, Thanks mini me!


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