Makar Sankranti at Gujrat

Makar Sankranti is the only Indian festival which comes on a Roman calendar date i.e. 14th January each year. Traditionally, in my part of the country, it gets celebrated with married women gifting each other the symbols of marriage. While kids do enjoy the sweets made of sesame seeds and fly kites.

Now, in Gujrat, this is as wild as it gets. From kids to adults, from businessmen to the unemployed, everyone get down to one business only. That being flying kites and flying some more kites. This is an amazing experience for me as there are no people at office today, busy flying kites even after the festival.

I too got some kites but was unable to fly in the overloaded skies in the city. My kites never took off! Someone or the other cut it before it could actually reach its intended height. It was so funny to realize that people have bought kites in 100s for this very same reason. They cut 4 of my kites, I lost 2, 1 got stuck and I accidently tore 2 of them. Then last patience and returned inside.

I am not feeling like writing anymore. See ya later!


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