Veer is Okay but Avatar in 3D is Not

Fictional Period Drama: check, Bad reviews: check, bad acting: check, irritating supporting cast: check, bad music: check, incorrect wardrobe: check.

And then we get something to compete to our dear Mard Tangewala.

What Veer is about? It is a mix story bag of all epics like Troy, Rustom Sohrab, DDLJ, 300 and even Titanic.

Salman tried really hard to save the film but he could not.

The only positive about my experience about this film was that I wasn’t expecting anything from it. Yeah, I got all these words even before I reached the cinema hall.

I was ready. So it was not that bad. An average watch, if I say the max. In the post interval portions, I felt sweat around my neck and looked at people around me watching the movie.

I know when this happens. It means the movie is long and I have already lost interest in it.

BUT another bigger surprise I had on Sunday. I and the wife drive 50 KM to watch Avatar in 3D, after we have seen 2D already, and it was not at all I was expecting. Things were not hanging in the middle of the screen or coming directly to us, it was just plan layers behind the screen.

I think Chota Chetan, Chota Jadugar and Abra ka Dabra had more stuff flying out of the screen then this movie.

My vote goes to Avatar for the film not for the 3D; I was imagining many things before moving into theater but alas. Disappointing. Just plain waste of money.

If you have seen it in 2D, and not in 3D, not to worry. You did not miss anything.