Life in waiting…

The life at Vadodara is going pretty dull these days. Nothing much exciting is happening and we are just trying to figure out from where the new bomb is going to attack.

Life never remains this dull for me and I am just waiting for the next rocking moment. This is bad. This is just plain bad. I always run into something way to unexpected after such lull, just like before the storm.

Now for more prominent things, I went to BITA, the Baroda Information Technology Association’s fair this 26th January with Lokendra Dongre. Lokendra is a long time friend and a Chemical Engineer currently working with Reliance Industries at Surat.

Tree things, which I found way to cool in the fair, are namely: 1. 3D Monitor, 2. Touch Screen white board, 3. Intel i7 Processors.

I will write in details about them in later posts as now not feeling in the mood.

Goddamnit! Why on earth at this place they do not sell some hard drinks. I am dying for some alcohol here! It’s been good 2 months since I had some good chilled can of beer or a glass of whiskey.

Am I doing right thing by writing about THAT here?

My Mother-in-law and her son are coming to Vadodara for a visit tonight and the weekend will go with them. It is going to be second visit from Tony since I am here.

Rest all is waiting….

Good God!