A First Holiday plans in 2010

In less than 48 hrs, I’ll be on my first holidays of the year. It has been a long time since I have taken off the working cap just for my kind of vacations. Though you may argue that the trip last weekend to the Rajpipla and Karjan Dam was also a good hangout, but I can tell you, that was a hangout, a gate away, not a holiday.

I am not going to any hill station or sea side but to Barwani, just for the records, I always love it whenever I visit that town of old.

It will be a 4 days trip and the prospects of it, ranging from chilling with cousins, kids and family, it will also get me some much deserved beer after 3 months without any sip of it.

So you are planning a long booze weekend?

No, that may be one of the attractions but not the sole attraction.

You lie!

No am not.

If so, why are you smiling?

Okay, that’s the plan, but you must know that I love my family kids and they will take most of my time as usual. Plus I love hanging out with my cousins.

Yeah right, at pubs.

Why you always save your sarcasms for my blogs and hit out here man, I am you.

Chill down mate. I get this that you need a break.



A Teenagers Fantasy Comes True

Do you remember that summer afternoon when you and your best pals used to discuss sports and the man who made you a convert to a religion called Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar?

The biggest fan boy fantasy in those days, from 1991 to 1996 used to be, watching the master play from the first ball of the inning to the last, scoring a double century in a match where India scores 400 plus score.

It was a thought as farfetched as a dream. Detractors came in and gone, time went by, and for those little kids of the 90’s, clouds opened, god smiled and granted the wish.

20 years since Sachin first played cricket under the tricolor and that blue uniform, the day is here.

The score card reads:

India  401/3
Sachin Tendulkar Not Out 200(147)(25×4; 3×6).

Thanks god; thanks Sachin and love to India.

How is it going!

Okay, so it might seem that since the last announcement about the book, I am keeping a low profile, but it is not.
Actually I was busy doing some timeframe research for the story idea I am having.
Another thing which I mention to forgot in my earlier post is that, this book of mine will be a love story than a personal memoir, as Animesh bhai commented on the last post, reason, if I have to write that, I can simply go and publish my blog, which I am doing since 2005!
My book is going to be about a story of star struck teenagers, set in 2001-2011. I am considering to write as a first person account from the male protagonist’s point of view.
Just in case, if anyone can guide me as to should I consider writing my book with Google Docs, or should stick to good old MS word?
Any good suggestions welcome!

A New Challenge

Everything in life is moving at the most normal pace as possible. The small hiccups do breach in here and there but this is all about life, isn’t it?

Looking back, each year in my life had a story of it’s own to tell. If 2000 was about failures and 2001 was about more failures, 2002 saw me learn what gives me bread and butter today.

2003 was a business adventure with friends, 2004 took me to Pune where a brand new life started. In 2005, it was all about success and a life redefined. If 2005 ended with a sore car accident, 2006 began with family time and meanwhile took me to Europe and finally got me engaged. Plus I made a short film for Dev Benegal and my interview was published in newspapers.

2007 was the wedding year; planning, dreams and what not. It also made me return to Indore.

So when 2008 came, I was just at my home city, in a fine job, with less friends around and nothing to do on weekends, I just got my Panasonic MD 10000 and made a film which kept me occupied for almost all the year.

2009 was just a time when the nuance of business was learned and I did my best to not to miss the lessons.

All This chaos of this century made me think as how am I going to remember the 2010?

It just cannot be defined as a Farmville year, can it be?

No sir, it cannot be wasted in just some idiotic game online.

What are you up to Dushyant?

I am going to write.

A Book.

Deadline – 24th December 2010.

Wish me luck friends!

A Happy Monday


A happy Monday!

This was a surprise which override all my fears of coming to office today. Without much of a hesitation I can frankly say that this was one of the most positive starts I had for a week in more than a month.

Looking for the same for the week!

Uncharted Waters


The meeting was not a review meeting as was expected but we were gathered to be told that we need to rename our team and report to the new fellow I interviewed for the position of the Team Lead for another team which was supposed to be formed or as was informed to me.

There, so now anything anyone from the team will be doing will come from the new fellow and he will assign resource for the activity and take feedbacks from the respective task owners.

Nothing wrong in that but what about the direct client interactions and process we were following since I joined here.

The only thing I can figure out from this is, all the hard work I did in past seven months is gone waste and I’ll be judged from this new fellow, whom I interviewed and know how much knowledge he has about the domain in which I expertise.

This is life!

Just catch the unexpected turns and sail in uncharted waters.

All Izz Well – at life!

A review meeting for the quarter gone by starts in some time from now. By the unstated rule of corporations it is going to be on the same lines as all the meetings where the managers have to evaluate you and team and decide whether the increments should be given to you or not.

No price for guessing, considering the past few weeks of on goings, I am so not looking forward to it.

At a time when one needs a pat on the back or a hug, facing the inevitable criticism is not good. I just hope that it all unfolds in a easy manner.

Apart from office things, what is the deal when you see one of your BIG plans almost crashes on the ground and you need to look for another way to keep your morals uptight? Not good I suppose! I am advised to just duck and hide when the storm grows stronger. I guess that would be the best thing to do.

Looking for more from life and it is just playing with me. I know it happens all the time but as the old saying goes, the heart is stubborn like a child, he needs everything or nothing.

So in the end, to kill the spell of ‘anxiety’ from my last blog, here is the mantra:

All Izz Well!!!


I was thinking about my current lookout of things and realize that the kind of uneasiness I am feeling may be classified as anxiety. I am not sure as to how I got myself in this situation but it is not cool.

All sort of things happen these days and most of them are just boring and unpleasant. No, there are nothing personal attacks if that does matters, but the feeling that something is going to happen, makes me worried and keeps me tense.

We may say whatever will happen let it be, but the point is, nothing has happened yet, means good or bad whatever, but something must happen to end this spell.

You will say, kid, you need a break.

Okay, I need a break and all… but am not at anywhere near to the thing which is called a break.

The first thing which I noticed about my case is, I wake up several times in night and feel way to uncomfortable to fall asleep again. This is happening since last 2 months and I am fed up of this.

Dunno where to go now!

Waiting for the next thrill

This frustrating feeling, which is not at all depression or sadness or even loneliness, but frustrating, making my evening just plain odd.

Odd, uncomfortable, uneasy and all those synonyms to the word conflict are buzzing in my head.

Why, just as the case goes with the darkest hour before dawn, is surrounding me at the moment. What is dark and what is dawn? I just do not know, but the sure thing is, something is cooking.

God knows it.

Something is coming this way.

Please do not expect that it is something which I know of. This is going to happen. It always does.

Okay, I am sounding a lot moronic then I actually am.


As arguably the greatest thinker of our times once said, “I hate Mondays, I hate’em”- Garfield.

So it is just going by the snails’ pace as always leaving nothing to look forward to and just making the life more miserable here in Vadodara till the universe is busy designing the next roller coaster ride for yours truly.

Kid, stop this nonsense and get a life.

Watched Yes Man over the weekend and just loved the say Yes to all idea. I think I need to go on the same ride.

I will.

Just patchy at the moment.


Prey for the world peace… (for me too)!