Waiting for the next thrill

This frustrating feeling, which is not at all depression or sadness or even loneliness, but frustrating, making my evening just plain odd.

Odd, uncomfortable, uneasy and all those synonyms to the word conflict are buzzing in my head.

Why, just as the case goes with the darkest hour before dawn, is surrounding me at the moment. What is dark and what is dawn? I just do not know, but the sure thing is, something is cooking.

God knows it.

Something is coming this way.

Please do not expect that it is something which I know of. This is going to happen. It always does.

Okay, I am sounding a lot moronic then I actually am.


As arguably the greatest thinker of our times once said, “I hate Mondays, I hate’em”- Garfield.

So it is just going by the snails’ pace as always leaving nothing to look forward to and just making the life more miserable here in Vadodara till the universe is busy designing the next roller coaster ride for yours truly.

Kid, stop this nonsense and get a life.

Watched Yes Man over the weekend and just loved the say Yes to all idea. I think I need to go on the same ride.

I will.

Just patchy at the moment.


Prey for the world peace… (for me too)!


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