I was thinking about my current lookout of things and realize that the kind of uneasiness I am feeling may be classified as anxiety. I am not sure as to how I got myself in this situation but it is not cool.

All sort of things happen these days and most of them are just boring and unpleasant. No, there are nothing personal attacks if that does matters, but the feeling that something is going to happen, makes me worried and keeps me tense.

We may say whatever will happen let it be, but the point is, nothing has happened yet, means good or bad whatever, but something must happen to end this spell.

You will say, kid, you need a break.

Okay, I need a break and all… but am not at anywhere near to the thing which is called a break.

The first thing which I noticed about my case is, I wake up several times in night and feel way to uncomfortable to fall asleep again. This is happening since last 2 months and I am fed up of this.

Dunno where to go now!


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