A New Challenge

Everything in life is moving at the most normal pace as possible. The small hiccups do breach in here and there but this is all about life, isn’t it?

Looking back, each year in my life had a story of it’s own to tell. If 2000 was about failures and 2001 was about more failures, 2002 saw me learn what gives me bread and butter today.

2003 was a business adventure with friends, 2004 took me to Pune where a brand new life started. In 2005, it was all about success and a life redefined. If 2005 ended with a sore car accident, 2006 began with family time and meanwhile took me to Europe and finally got me engaged. Plus I made a short film for Dev Benegal and my interview was published in newspapers.

2007 was the wedding year; planning, dreams and what not. It also made me return to Indore.

So when 2008 came, I was just at my home city, in a fine job, with less friends around and nothing to do on weekends, I just got my Panasonic MD 10000 and made a film which kept me occupied for almost all the year.

2009 was just a time when the nuance of business was learned and I did my best to not to miss the lessons.

All This chaos of this century made me think as how am I going to remember the 2010?

It just cannot be defined as a Farmville year, can it be?

No sir, it cannot be wasted in just some idiotic game online.

What are you up to Dushyant?

I am going to write.

A Book.

Deadline – 24th December 2010.

Wish me luck friends!


7 thoughts on “A New Challenge

  1. Good for you! Writing a book is a wonderful thing (says the woman who’s in the process of editing hers on the way to publication).

    By all means, go ahead and write now, but if you want an amazing writing experience that will teach you a lot about yourself, writing, and writing a book, check out the NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month) program that takes place online in an international way in November.



    1. Hey Catherine!

      Thanks for your comment. I fully agree to about just going ahead and doing it. This is the bona fide approach for any creative idea.

      Best of luck for your own book!

      Be in touch!


  2. if you really want to write it. It is good. i would suggest start from the day you eft your house and came to inndore. go back to 1998 or 1999. that will add more to it.


    1. Hey Animesh Bhaiya!,

      First and foremost! A big thanks for your comment!
      You know what, its a love story which I have in mind.
      If I have to write about myself, it can well be a copy from my blog, isn;t it, it is there since 2005!

      Next post contains the base idea of how it is going to be!

      looking for more from you!


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