How is it going!

Okay, so it might seem that since the last announcement about the book, I am keeping a low profile, but it is not.
Actually I was busy doing some timeframe research for the story idea I am having.
Another thing which I mention to forgot in my earlier post is that, this book of mine will be a love story than a personal memoir, as Animesh bhai commented on the last post, reason, if I have to write that, I can simply go and publish my blog, which I am doing since 2005!
My book is going to be about a story of star struck teenagers, set in 2001-2011. I am considering to write as a first person account from the male protagonist’s point of view.
Just in case, if anyone can guide me as to should I consider writing my book with Google Docs, or should stick to good old MS word?
Any good suggestions welcome!

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